It’s called WHOLESALING! If you’ve been wanting to “Make Money in Real Estate”, but didn’t know how or where to start, then let me tell you that wholesaling is by far, the easiest way to

make money in “ANY” Real Estate Venture. I invite you to read this Article on Wholesaling Real Estate today…., so you can start Wholesaling Houses tomorrow!


There is a well of knowledge about How to Make Money in Real Estate out there. Wholesaling specifically. Some of which is in the content of this article. I urge you to be careful who you follow because some of the information that they’re referring to, on Wholesaling, is just dead wrong. I learned all I needed to know about Wholesaling from this Guru and his

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My objective for this article on The Easiest way to Make Money in Real Estate, is to arouse your interest in it and to pass on some of my acquired knowledge of Wholesaling. You can compare it with any other information that you may find on the Internet on sites such as; “Youtube” or some “Marketing Forum”, to what is printed here or via this Link.

I’ve scoured the Internet, searching through Forums, Articles and Videos and have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of these other “Gurus” have acquired their knowledge from this “CRAZY REAL ESTATE GURU GUY”. He’s been doing this for over 33 years. I’ve observed how “The Others” teach their students via video. I’ve observed what they teach and how they teach it, including how they say it. Sometimes they imitate this guy “Word for Word”. If these “Sub- Gurus” can follow him and be successful enough to make millions and teach what they’ve learned to THOUSANDS of others….then when will it be your turn to learn? Futhermore, if you’re gonna learn from someone, why not learn from the

Master himself? Again, he’s giving away his $600 Wholesaling Course for a Dollar. Go Here and see for Yourself! You have nothing to lose to see what I’m talking about. Need more info….then read on!


Here’s another thing about Wholesaling Real Estate… not only is it the “Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money” in the field of Real Estate, but it’s also good for the Lazy Person.


Here’s what I mean by that:

  • You don’t need any Money
  • You don’t need any Credit
  • You don’t need any Experience
  • You don’t even need a stinkin’ job!


Here’s a few of quotes, from the “Guru” with Pleasure:


  1. It’s a myth. You don’t have to take years to get rich nor do you have to be old and worn out before you can retire. You can create a five figure monthly income within 90 days of starting and six figure annual retirement income within 18 months. It’s true and verifiable. Doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, your financial stature, credit or experience… and there are hundreds of others in your city doing this same thing every day right under your
  2. When people ask me how to get started quickly and make money fast, I always say wholesaling or flipping houses because you can be in and out in 15 to 30 days, and it’s simple enough that a total beginner can start from scratch and get a check to help pay
  3. You don’t need to raise money, hire contractors, get a loan, deal with picky buyers or even buy a Your credit is irrelevant, and you need no previous experience. I currently have thousands of students flipping houses and many doing so in their first month with what I teach in this course.


It’s all in there….just waiting for you….and it’s only a “BUCK”!


Just click on the Link at the bottom of this writing to quickly learn how to find a bargain house and flip it to a “Bargain Hunter” for a minimum, hassle free profit of $10,000 or more! Learn how to estimate repairs in minutes (you’re not going to be doing any repairs though). Hey, did you know that if you win the “Rat Race”…’ll still be a Rat? Who wants to be a Rat? Become the big cheese and take better care of your loved ones. Imagine learning how to develop a $25,000 a month plan over the first 90 days and then…..DITCH YOUR STINKIN’ DAY JOB……FOREVER!


I know this sounds like a Sales Pitch….well, I guess it is, but it only costs a BUCK for goodness sake. If you’re still reading down this far, then you must have some kind of interest. I know it can’t be my writing, so it’s got to be the information!

Yes, of course he gives you bonuses, don’t they all? Here’s “Only”one of them….


6 CDs and Complete Systems Manual with forms, scripts and agreements

Where in the heck did that big “Font” come from. I know, it’s over the top, but again…..It’s only a dollar!


I’ve only given you a pinch of what this guy has to offer. He includes numerous “Vital Secrets” that he’s picked up in the 33+ years of Wholesaling Real Estate. All laid out in a step-by-step written plan for you to follow. Did I fail to mention that all of the Contracts and Agreements that you’ll be needing are also included, as well as, over 200 Video Tutorials!

Some of the contracts and agreements costs over 6 Grand to develop and was done by an attorney. A stinkin’ dollar really?


One last thing. I didn’t mention his name on purpose. Why? Because I didn’t want to give you everything! As soon as you click over to see what that Dollar will get you, you’ll immediately see who it is. And F.Y.I., my wife and I made over

$50,000 on our first attempt with Real Estate Investing! So I’m a believer. And to be honest, the rest of the world could care less if you never even attempt to see what this is all about. The only one(s) who should care is/are you and/or your family. The rest of the world could just find their own “Hand Basket” and ride it to you know where!


I think I’m going to end it here and let the “Man” himself take over and give you, what he has given me, and that is; A wealth of knowledge; Clear visions of a path that leads to Financial Independence; A complete understanding surrounding Wholesaling Houses, and the opportunity to gain “THAT”, and much, much more, for the smallest amount of risk………………… a BUCK!


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